Bar H Ranch


Sam and Lauren both grew up caring for and interacting with cattle, as well as several other animal species.  Between the two of them, they hold two B.S. degrees in Animal Science and one B.S. degree in Rangeland Ecology—all from the University of Idaho.  Shortly before they got married, they jointly purchased a group of cattle to add to the ones that they each owned.  The herd has continued to grow since.  The entire herd is Red Angus based with some crossbred cows, some purebred cows, and all purebred bulls.  The selection criteria for replacement cows and bulls does include attitude and carcass traits.  A focus on good, calm attitudes enables Bar H Ranch to minimize stress amongst the herd while interacting with them.  Paying attention to carcass traits is a given and something taken seriously since the ranchers are the butchers too!

Bar H Ranch sells ground beef directly to a couple of Moscow restaurants and also offers it for sale in the C&L Locker shop.  Occasionally, there are other cuts available for sale.  Aside from buying single cuts though, Bar H Ranch offers for sale live cattle and whole, half, or quarter “cut & wrapped” beef.  All Bar H Ranch cattle are processed at C&L Locker.  Depending on who the end-customer is (private vs. restaurant, etc.) slaughters are either done at C&L Locker, WSU meats lab, or UI meats lab but are all organized and scheduled by Sam or Lauren.  Bar H Ranch is able to offer both grain- and grass-fed meat and fits right into the C&L Locker slogan of “Real meat. Local People”.